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The Paris Mozart Orchestra would like to warmly thank its patrons and partners.

Main Sponsor

The Fondation Daniel and Nina Carasso is the main sponsor of the Paris Mozart Orchestra. It is committed to projects that make art a driver of citizenship, develop a sensitive and critical view of the world, and strengthen social cohesion. That's why it supports the orchestra's artistic and cultural education program.

Sponsors' Circle

Fondation Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale

The Fondation Ardian, sponsor of the Orchestre Au Bahut program, supports projects that encourage the inclusion of children and young individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Fondation TotalEnergies is committed to ensuring that culture contributes to the vitality of communities and the empowerment of youth, particularly by promoting access to culture and artistic practice.

ADP Group Foundation

Circle of donors

Major donors

Vincent Dutel
Catherine Ferrant
Patrice et Emmanuelle Fonlladosa
Daniel et Florence Guerlain

Dominique Bellos
Laetitia et Jérôme Descours
Jean-Marie Lambert
Philippe Merle
Uli Wiesendanger

Sponsors and Partners of La Maestra

"La Maestra Competition is fully in line with the values of RiiSE, ACCOR diversity network, insofar as it embodies many of our convictions. Every talent can and must reveal its full potential, there are no jobs that are off-limits to women, and with courage, audacity and solidarity, nothing is impossible! Let’s all RiiSE for La Maestra for revealing the orchestra conductors of tomorrow"

Maud Bailly, Chief Executive Officer – Sofitel, MGallery & Emblems


Ardian is committed to gender equality alongside the Paris Mozart Orchestra by supporting the La Maestra competition.

As a historic partner of La Maestra, ARTE Concert broadcasts all stages of the competition live.

Centre national de la musique

"Committed to gender equality, diversity, and the promotion of young talent, Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, through its Foundation, is very pleased to renew its support for La Maestra."

Nicolas Théry, President

Fondation Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale

"La Maestra is proof of the excellence of women in orchestral conducting. The ADP Group Foundation, always faithful to its values of equal opportunities and education through music, is proud to support this competition."

Augustin de Romanet, President

"May this competition, created by the very talented Claire Gibault, bring forth and shine a light on great female conductors around the world, and rectify injustices in the music industry."

Fondation Polycarpe

Founded in 1975 by Simone Del Duca in homage to her husband, a patron and prominent press figure, the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation has been housed at the Institut de France since 2005. Its goal is to promote arts, literature, and sciences in France and abroad. It supports, alongside the Paris Mozart Orchestra, the La Maestra Academy 2023.


Copie privée

Circle of sponsors and partners of the PMO's residency in Centre-Val de Loire

Ville de Bourges

Conservatoire de Bourges

Maison de la Culture de Bourges

Bourges 2028

DRAC Centre-Val de Loire

Sensitive to collective action, the Centre-Val de Loire regional office of Caisse des Dépôts supports the residency of the PMO which began in 2022. Its sponsorship promotes the sensitization of young audiences to classical music to foster vocations and build the audiences of tomorrow. In the long term, it encourages artistic creation and the existence of a dynamic musical offering in the territories.

Crédit Mutuel du Centre is a socially responsible company, committed to societal values ​​of solidarity, responsibility, and respect for people. Sensitive to the action taken by the Paris Mozart Orchestra, Crédit Mutuel du Centre supports its Residency in the Centre - Val de Loire region.

In 2023, for its first edition, Claire Gibault received the 1st Prize of the Chaumet Echo Culture Awards. The jury was impressed by the development of the PMO activities in the Centre-Val de Loire region. This award supports women who, through their on-the-ground actions, are committed to transmitting culture to as many people as possible.

Fondation Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale

L'Hôtel de Panette is committed to local projects and was moved by the action carried out by the Paris Mozart Orchestra as part of its residency in Bourges.

The Fondation Michelin continues Michelin's tradition of societal engagement by echoing the values of respect and solidarity upheld by the Group since its inception. It supports the residency of the Paris Mozart Orchestra in Bourges, which began in 2022.

The Michelin aeronautical site in Bourges Saint-Doulchard is committed to excellence and cohesion in the Centre - Val de Loire region by supporting the residency of the PMO.

Peugeot - Groupe Vincent is proud to support the residency in the Centre - Val de Loire by providing vehicles to allow musicians to travel across the region, meeting all audiences.

Monin is a socially responsible company, committed to solidarity and responsibility on its territory. By developing numerous partnerships with local authorities and associations, the company supports and accompanies local projects developed in its area, including the residency of the Paris Mozart Orchestra in the Centre-Val de Loire region.

Individual donors:
Michèle Arnold, Yves Chausset, Chantal Danjon, anonymous

Public supports

Ville de Bourges

Ministère de la Culture

Ministère de la Justice

Région Île-de-France


Copie privée

The Maison de la Musique Contemporaine (MMC) aims to promote and valorize contemporary music, support professionals, and engage in audience mediation and awareness. Promoting a networking dynamic, the MMC stands alongside all actors in musical creation to support, promote, and enhance its influence.

The Mairie du 9e supports and hosts the Balades Musicales in the district. These free musical events, aimed at a family audience, offer a one-hour journey through a program combining young talents and renowned soloists, in a spirit of dialogue and sharing with the audience. Succeeding the Après-Midi Musicaux, these concerts have been a great success for eight seasons, consistently sold out, bringing together more than 300 spectators of all ages and backgrounds.

Spedidam supports the Paris Mozart Orchestra's public concerts in France.


Académie de Créteil

Académie d'Orléans-Tours

Académie de Versailles

Centre Pénitentiaire de Fresnes

DRAC Centre-Val de Loire

In 2017, the association obtained the renewal of the accreditation for Civic Service, allowing for the engagement of young volunteers to develop and support the educational activities carried out by the orchestra.

Philharmonie de Paris

Awards and distinctions

In 2016, Orchestre Au Bahut received the "La France s'engage" label, which rewards the most innovative citizen projects serving society. Initiated by François Hollande, this label provides access to financial and administrative support. It is also, and above all, a movement, the community of all those who carry an innovative social project and commit to taking action and making a difference in France.

Previous supports

Axa Atout Cœur
Chœur à l’ouvrage
Crédit agricole Île-de-France
DRAC Île-de-France
Engie (ex-GDF Suez)
Fondation Air France
Fondation EDF
Fondation Daniel et Florence Guerlain
Fondation Hippocrène
Fondation HSBC
Fondation Henri Lachmann
Fondation L’Oréal
Fondation Mazars
Fondation Merieux
Fondation Orange
Fondation RATP
Fondation Signature – Institut de France
Fondation SFR
Fondation SNCF
France Télévisions
Galeries Lafayette
Groupe Ares
La France S’Engage
Les Arènes
Tenzing – Les Compagnons du Conseil
Vivendi Create Joy

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